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Save the Manuals

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Stop automatic transmission from taking over the world and #SavetheManuals with this stylish t-shirt! Show your commitment to keeping the manual transmission alive with this witty tee, perfect for car lovers who like to take the wheel and steer their own course.

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eric ramsey
Shrunk in dryer

Shrunk over a size in dryer

Brandon N Bruns
Fit material and design

The shirt fit very well and I liked the material used it was comfortable the only thing I’d say could’ve been better from a “personal standpoint” is that I think the save the manuals design would look better on the back of the shirt. Overall it is a very solid product.

Joshua W.
Honest critique

To be honest, these shirts just miss a 5 star rating for me. The material is super thin, the white shirts are even mildly see through, which suggests they're really cheap. However; the fabric feels rather nice on the skin so I'm willing to forgive it. Not bad.

The decals look great! At first I questioned their longevity but they actually set into the fabric pretty well after the first wash. Decals might last quite a while. Good job.

Where the shirts lose points for me though, is the size. The shirts seem to be about a size to a size 1/2 smaller than what is suggested. I've only worn large shirts since high-school, I'm wearing a large shirt right now. Fits me somewhat loosely and is comfortable. The large Car Culture shirts I ordered are all rather tight on me, especially around the neck and arms pits. When i lift my arms, my stomach is exposed. These shirts are more like mediums or even smalls. Highly suggest to anyone reading this, to order their shirts at least one size up from what you would normally wear.

TLDR: I love the shirts, I really do, but I don't know how often I'll actually wear them because they're uncomfortably small.