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Qualifying class internship opportunities

Qualifying Class Internship Program Description: Event Management and Marketing Intern

Mission & Objectives

The mission of The Car Culture Qualifying Class program is to provide a structured format for future entrepreneurs the opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience in the professional Events/Automotive industry and exposure to The Car Culture organization while also making meaningful contributions to The Car Culture business and/or Event/Automotive operations.

The following are objectives of the Qualifying Class program:

  • Provide future automotive enthusiasts with valuable experience in the professional event/marketing industry and exposure to the Car Culture organization.
  • Give future automotive professionals the opportunity to make meaningful contributions to the Car Culture organization.
  • Contribute to the professional growth and development of future Automotive and Event Operations professionals through training and professional development.
  • Provide opportunities for building a professional network comprised of other Qualifying Class members and full-time Car Culture staff members.
  • Provide The Car Culture organization with the opportunity to identify potential candidates to fill future full-time positions.