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Shifted Car Show at La Centerra | Event Coverage

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We launched our latest car show, Shifted, this past weekend at our newest venue, La Centerra Cinco Ranch. We were very excited to expand to the outskirts of Houston into Katy and put on a great show!


We had a few early birds that arrived at the car meet when we did, which was a little before 7 am. Around this time, the sun began to rise but couldn't really be seen because of the shopping outlets and parking garage which we would be thankful for later!

As 8 am came closer, the more the cars started to roll in. The line of cars began to grow and the venue started to fill with all kinds of amazing machines!


After all the spots were filled, we relaxed and enjoyed a wonderful Sunday morning at La Centerra among other car enthusiasts!


Our first Shifted show at La Centerra was going great! We were able to show a great variety of cars with the amount of space we had. You may notice that the cars are spaced out. This was due to our efforts to social distance the cars to allow for spectators and participants to move around the cars and venue with an ample amount of room to social distance. This not only helped with social distancing but also provided an entirely different aspect to the show!


The Ferrari 488 Pista is not only beautiful but also powered by Ferrari's most powerful V8 ever made, boasting 711HP. The 488 Pista's engineers managed to bring the weight down 90kg from the 488 GTB. Around Ferrari's test track, the Ferrari 488 Pista is only 1.8 seconds slower than the La Ferrari. The icing on the cake has to be this incredible green color called 'Verde Kers.'


Saying that the Shelby Series 1 is a cool find is an understatement. Carroll Shelby built some really fast cars throughout his life. But the Shelby Series 1 was the only car that he designed and engineered from the ground up. This rare vehicle features supercar level performance, completing 0-60 mph in 3.2 seconds. It was certainly a pleasure to have this vehicle out at the show and we could not thank it's owner enough for bringing it out!


Everybody is aware that we, The Car Culture, pride ourselves on featuring all different types of vehicles. Representing cars from different generations and countries. And the Lincoln Continental was no exception to that. The Lincoln Continental pioneered the luxury car market when it launched in 1939. This particular example, a fourth-generation from the 1960's era, was shown off in tip-top shape. You don't see these too often anymore but when you do, you know it's 'Old school cool.' Also, the suicide doors on this car will make anyone smile!


For our last vehicle on the list of cool finds, but certainly not least, we have a Lamborghini Aventador. But definitely not any Aventador. This raging bull features an Underground Racing twin-turbo kit that powers this vehicle from its original 691 horsepower to over 1250 horsepower. The subtle exterior modifications are just the perfect way to compliment the incredible power that this vehicle possesses. But outside of the power, it's pretty rare to see a modified twin-turbo V12 in general. And that alone makes this pretty cool to see.



Be sure to check out our official video with the link down below!



Ultimately, we couldn't have been happier with the turnout for our first Shifted car show at La Centerra and want to thank everyone who came out! Our next stop will be our Limitless car show at Pearland Town Center this coming weekend, September 19th at 8 am!

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