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Houston Car Shows | Limitless | September 2020

Our September Limitless car show was one for the books. We not only filled Pearland with some amazing cars, but we had a pair of Hypercars join us for our September show!


The first few cars to arrive were from the Houston Tesla Club, showing up around 7 am and getting set in their spots! It was a cool morning sitting around 70 degrees. Around 7:15, we started to see cars coming at a more consistent rate. With clear skies and great weather, we knew it was going to be a great day!


In the course of everyone rolling in a large group of NSX owners rolled in at once, and was pretty cool to see! There were 10 NSX's, 7 of which were first-generation NSX's. It all happened in about 5 minutes and was a unique sight if you saw it!


By 8 am, we had just about everyone at the show and were ready to close off the barricades and enjoy the show!


During the week leading up to the show, we were told we were going to have two special cars coming down from Dallas. On Friday night, we confirmed that it was happening. Two hypercars made the journey down to Houston for our show! We were told that the La Ferrari would be coming and the other car would be a surprise. At around 8:37 am, the La Ferrari and the Pagani Hurayra made their debut at Limitless!


It's needless to say that we can be certain of two cars on this list but aside from the hypercars, there were a lot of cool cars that joined us for our car show Saturday morning!


This is not actually a Ford Bronco but is inspired by the Bronco. A company by the name ICON built this car from the ground up. They are very limited and cost upwards of $100k. But you get quite a bit with that. For starters, you get a 5.0L Coyote motor in your Bronco which puts you at about 412HP. They are known for their quality, attention to detail, and not making a car like this just for show. They make these cars so you can really off-road them. Be sure to check them out!


So, this car shouldn't exist, but it does for a very good reason. BMW never made a station wagon M3 but that didn't this owner from making his own. On paper, it is a 2002 BMW 325i. But in reality, it's a BMW M3 Wagon! The owner went to great lengths to make the closest representation of an OEM BMW E46 M3 wagon. Road and Track wrote a great article about this very car! Click here to check it out!


Lamborghini is known for making some of the world's craziest supercars, but in particular, they are known for their flagship V12 cars. The Murcielago came out in the early 2000s and still looks incredible by today's standards. It features that big V12 engine and the iconic scissor doors. This is one those cars that will be really rare and unique one day due to more stringent emission policies, everything will be either electric or 1.3L 3 cylinder and this will come soaring by screaming at you with all 12 cylinder, but also because the designers at Lamborghini created a timeless design with the Murcielago.

Ferrari La Ferrari

There are three cars that pushed production cars into a whole new league. The Mclaren P1, Porsche 918, and the Ferrari La Ferrari. All three of these monsters where the first production supercars to feature a hybrid system. Making them considerably faster on a track, as well as to 0-60MPH. We all remember back in 2015(ish) when the guys from Top Gear got a hold of these and demonstrated some crazy drifts and pulls. We never got to see Stig put the three around the track but shortly after, Chris Harris and a few other got a hold of them for their segment and showed some real numbers compared to one another, but more importantly how much faster they were than anything else in their category, thus reaching Hypercar status. The La Ferrari features a big 6.3 L V12 but the hybrid system fills in all of the gaps when racing. Not to mention the extensive aero Ferrari put into this thing.

The Pagani Huayra

If you asked what car represents art, Merriam would show you the Pagani Huayra. Pagani made this car to where you could peel it back to show all of the inner workings of the car to display the beautiful craftsmanship that went into it. The attention to detail is next level with this. For example, every single nut and bolt is made from titanium, and the gear mechanism inside the car is exposed to show the inner workings. It's made of 67 different parts simply just so you can hear the click when manual shifting the car, that is if you even want to. From a function standpoint, it doesn't even need to be there but Pagani put it there just in case you wanted to use it or if you simply wanted to stare at it. The engine from AMG made a V12 specifically for this car and it pushed out about 730HP. And because the whole car is made out of carbon fiber, it weighs 2,822 LBS. Pagani only made 100 of these cars and it's a whole different vibe of car to be around. Needless to say, it was truly special to have the Pagani Huayra featured at our Limitless show.



Be sure to check out our official video with the link down below!

Video by: Krane Designs



This show marked a milestone for us and we are thankful for everyone we were able to share it with. We look forward to seeing everyone next month for our October Limitless car show!

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