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Houston Car Shows | Limitless | October 2020

Our October Limitless car show was amazing! We filled Pearland Town Center with some awesome machines, added more cars to the plaza, and saw a lot of new faces!


We had a few cars show up to the car meet around 7am-7:15 but the morning was quite slow. Around 7:40 it was still a bit slow but at 7:45 that all changed.

Around 7:45 is when we had a convoy of cars roll in! Our best guess was most people met at a spot to cruise together to the car show!


By 8 am we still had cars rolling into the car meet. We were able to get everyone situated around 8:15 and had packed the plaza, and the center as a whole, with some amazing machines!


We love hosting car meets and car shows that have a bit of everything because it allows for car enthusiasts to see a bit of everything and things they might not be used to seeing. This allows people to see the car scene from a number of different perspectives!


Rat rods are typically custom cars that are deliberately worn down to give off an unfinished appearance. This rat rod didn't give off that vibe at all? The body was painted and the car didn't have a hood. But you could tell it was intentionally left that way to see the interworking of the engine and how the frame color matched the wheels!


Around 7:45 is when we had convoys of cars roll in! By the looks of it, our best guess was most people met up a spot before the show to cruise together to the show!d at SEMA in 2019 for PASMag's Tuner Battlegrounds 7. The car is 2JZ swapped and has an authentic Rocket Bunny kit on it, but I think the best part about it is the little details for the big-ticket items. For example, the lugs on the wheels, belts on the harnesses, and bolts in the engine bay are purple and the whole car has been repainted in the nardo/chalk paint which looks amazing!


The Ferarri 599 GTB one of those Ferraris that you don't see too often. They made these from 2006-2012 and around this time we had the Ferrari 360, f430, and the 458 Italia. The big difference is the 599 not only had its engine in the front but also had a big 6.0L V12. It made a little over 600hp and of course, sounds incredible. At the time, this was Ferrari's most powerful road car.



We had an amazing turnout for our third Limitless car show and saw a lot of new faces this time around! Our next stop will be at La Centerra this coming Sunday, November 1st, from 8 am to 11 am! Click here for the official Facebook event!

Check out the full October Limitless Photo Album here! High-quality prints and Digital downloads from the show are available for purchase with the link down below!


Photos by: Nick Dennis Photography

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