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Houston Car Show | West Ave | October 2020

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Over the weekend we returned to Arrive River Oaks for our Breast Cancer Awareness Month car show! The charity we chose to go with was The American Cancer Society!


Because this being a shopping center as well as an apartment complex, we start the show at 10am instead of 8am to be considerate of the residents who live here. Our first car to roll in was our very own Nick Dennis in his Dodge Viper!

Around 9:20 we began to have most of the cars arrive and began parking them accordingly!

By 9:45 we had a good majority of the cars parked and spaced in efforts to social distance for COVID-19. But more on that later.


As we parked our final cars, memories started to rush back to us of the good ole days of filling West Avenue with a bunch of fantastic cars and amazing people.


When Covid19 hit, we saw all events come to a stop pretty quickly. As events begin to creep back in, we are making efforts to ensure the safety of everyone's health. One of the more obvious ways we are doing this is by social distancing cars. As much as we love filling all of our spots, adding six feet of space between each vehicle allows for spectators to move comfortably between vehicles and limits unintentional contact between others!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

This is the second event at Shops at Arrive where we benefited a charity for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. We benefited the amazing people over at The American Cancer Society. This organization has been in the business of eliminating cancer for over 100 years!


We have some shows where we put emphasis on certain types of cars. It could be muscle, exotics, or imports. At West Avenue, we always try our best to diversity all the makes and models Houston has to offer! And this show was no exception to that!

The Unimog

Behold the Unimog? Mercedes-Benz began making these in 1948 as a multi-purpose all-wheel drive truck! This is a 1991 Unimog and on the side, you can see the word 'FEUERWEHR' which translates to Fire truck or fire brigade! Although they imported them to the US and Canada, the owner had this one was imported from Germany a few years back where it was part of a volunteer fire brigade.

Ferrari 458 Speciale

The 458 Speciale is a Ferrari you don't come across too often. They only made around 3000 of these but that's not particularly why it's unique. The 458 Italia marked the end of the naturally aspirated era for Ferrari as their mid-engine cars have moved towards forced induction. Which makes the Ferrari 458 Speciale a special edition of an already special car. It has a naturally aspirated V8 that pushes out 596 horsepower and redlines at 9,000 RPMS. It's lighter than the 458 by almost 200 lbs, has a much faster gearbox in it, and a lot of changes were made to the body/aero to make it faster around the track.


The C2 Corvette is arguably one of the most beloved generations of corvettes. It may have only been the second generation of the corvette but the body had changed dramatically, the suspension was entirely different, and the engines got bigger and had much more power. These were beautiful cars and still are today. Its amazing that the car below is 53 years old.


The Car Culture October 2020 Video Coverage

Be sure to check out our official video with the link down below!


The Car Culture October 2020

Its been a while since we have had a show at Arrive due to COVID. But it felt amazing to be back here to see some great cars among other enthusiast all while benefiting a great cause. Our next show is our Limitless show at Pearland Town Center this coming weekend, October 24th at 8 am!

Check out the full October car show photo Album here! High quality prints and Digital downloads from the show are available for purchase with the link down below!


Photos by: Nick Dennis Photography

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