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Houston Car Show | Car Culture Invitational | May 2021

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We were pumped to come back to Sugar Land Town Square for our second Car Culture Invitational event! Our first Invitational event was amazing but this one was even better! We had a great turnout with a lot of incredible machines!


Roll-in began bright and early around 7:15 but we had a few show around 7 am. As time went on, more and more started to pour in!


By 8:07 am, we had a full house! We had a wide variety of cars spread out over town square, along the center strip, and city walk! It was shaping up to be an incredible morning among car enthusiasts.


The Car Culture always tries its best to have a well-diverse show while still getting the best of the best! There were so many amazing cars at our Car Culture May Invitational, it was really hard to narrow it down to a select few. Nevertheless, here are our rare finds for our Car Culture May Invitational!

Mclaren P1

Considered to be the successor to the legendary Mclaren F1, The Mclaren P1 is a powerhouse of a machine. It is so powerful that the top speed was limited to 217 mph. The Hybrid system itself generates a total of 903 hp and a ripping 664 ft. lbs of torque! Every single arch and swoops around the car are aerodynamically designed not only to increase airflow to the twin-turbo V8 with a 131kW electric motor attached to it but also allow it to cut through the air better. As of to date, the Mclaren P1 is one of the rarest supercars to date, with only a total of 375 produced from 2012 to 2013. We are so honored to be able to showcase this incredible machine here at The Car Culture Invitational!

Ferrari SF90 Stradale

Imagine having a car you manufacture named after your own success in motorsports over the course of 90 years, introducing the Ferrari SF90. Named after the Formula 1 car, SF90, the SF stands for the Motorsport department of Ferrari, Scuderia Ferrari, and the 90 representing the 90th anniversary of their history in motorsports. Compared to the P1's Powertrain, the SF90 has a total of 3 electric motors and a 4 L Twin-turbocharged V8 that put a face-melting 986 HP and 590 lb. ft. torque to the road. That meant that you could accelerate from 0-60 in 2.5 seconds.

DF Goblin

We love seeing vehicles like this! This is the DF Goblin. A mid-engine kit car that was designed to be fast and fun! It weighs between 1500-1600 pounds and has a naturally aspirated 4 cylinder from a Chevrolet Cobalt that makes 173 horsepower. Giving it a great power to weight ratio making it really quick! Be on the lookout for this car at our next track day!

Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster Momo Corsa Edition

When Lamborghini decides that it's only going to make 12 units of a production vehicle they are going to go all out, and they did on this extremely rare Lamborghini Diablo Momo Corsa. Lamborghini, being Lamborghini, fitted a 5.7 L naturally-aspirated V12 that sings symphonies to your ears. It produced a blast to the past 530 HP and blistering 446 ft. lbs. of Torque. Of course, speed and power isn't the only thing that makes Lamborghini what they are, but rather the radical styling from the scissor doors the gorgeous wide body of this Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster Momo Corsa Edition.



Check out the full May Invitational 2021 here!

Photos by: Nick Dennis https://www.nickdennisphotography.com/

High-quality prints and Digital downloads from the show are available for purchase with the link down below!





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