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The Car Culture Independence Track Xperience | Event Coverage

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We returned to MSR Houston to hold our Independence Track Xperience on July 4th, 2020! We set out to bring together a great group of car enthusiasts who wanted to get a feel for the track and experience what their vehicles are capable of!

Driver and Saftey Talk

Whether its a hardcore track day or a few parade laps, driver and safety talks are a must! MSR Houston's Saftey staff started off by talking about the track. MSR Houston is a 2.38-mile track with 17 turns on it. The safety staff explained runoff points, areas where a lot of people have difficultly with, and the direction of the track the drivers would be running in, clockwise. After safety, our next priority is having fun!

Pressure Check

Our tire sponsor, Zohr, was on-site at MSR Houston offering tire pressure adjustments and tire inspections for drivers before they got on the track!

Parade Laps

After our driver/safety talk, we lined both Group 1 and Group 2 up at the starting line for three parade laps.

Track Goes Hot!

After the parade laps, Group 2 got off and Group 1 began their session! Group 1 started off with a bang featuring some amazing cars like the Corvette C8, Porsche GT3RS, Ferrar 458 Italia, Porsche GT3, Lamborghini Huracan, Ferrari 488, Porsche 911 Turbo, and more. After Group 1 got off, it was time for the members of MSR to have their time on track. There were roughly 15 members there that day and one bike! Now it was time for Group 2! Group 2 consisted of a variety of different cars such as the Mini Cooper GP, BMW M6, M2, and M3. The Lexus RCF, Lamborghini Urus, Toyota Supra Mk5, Lotus Elise, and more!

In The Paddocks

Because we had different groups, there was always a nice lineup of cars to be seen! It was a hot day so we made sure we had plenty of water and a place to cool down for everyone.

4th of July Independence Track Xperience

Despite all of the craziness and setbacks 2020 has thrown at all of us, we are really happy that we were able to bring together an amazing group of car enthusiast to not only share a passion but to celebrate the first part of July 4th with one another! Thank you to everyone who came and huge thank you to our sponsors, The Hadi Law Firm, MSR Houston, Performance Stop, Zohr, and eProcessing Network!


Proudly Sponsored By:

The Hadi Law Firm

eProcessing Network

MSR Houston


Performance Stop


Check out the full Gallery of our Independence Track Xperience here

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