The Car Culture Announces GoFundMe to Benefit Star of Hope - The Car Culture

The Car Culture Announces GoFundMe to Benefit Star of Hope

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The Car Culture Announces GoFundMe to Benefit Star of Hope

Along with 70+ exotic cars, music, and family-friendly fun, The Car Culture has partnered with Star of Hope Mission to raise monetary and item donations to benefit the mission. With the launch of a GoFundMe page, The Car Culture will be accepting monetary donations until the day of the event.

Click here to donate to Star of Hope via GoFundMe!

So why give to the Star of Hope? Hank Rush, President & CEO of Star of Hope, says: “I can’t show you photos of the more than 1,000 men, women, and children who will call Star of Hope ‘home’ tonight…but […] remember this: Every smile you see was put there by someone like you who, moved by compassion, gave to support our comprehensive programs for daily care and long-term solutions to homelessness.”

The Car Culture’s hope through this benefit show is to bring awareness and assistance to the homeless men, women, and children in the Houston area as we gear up for the summer months. Please consider donating to the Star of Hope through our GoFundMe page between today and the day of the event (March 14th).

If you receive a quote from our sponsor, Chase Lagarde State Farm, at the show on March 14th, Chase will donate $10 per quote, Regardless if you decide to purchase insurance or not!

If you would rather donate various clothing or hygiene products, please refer to the donation list below:

Below we have attached our Amazon affiliate links to the products above for our online shoppers!

Men's Deodorant

Women's Deodorant

Large lotion

Soap Bars

Bath towels


Baby Wipes

Face towels

Hand sanitizer

Toilet Paper

Diapers (size 5 & 6)

Men's Shoes

Men's dress slacks

Men's underwear


Twin sized fitted and flat sheets

Women's underwear




March 14th, 2020


Shops at Arrive

2800 Kirby Dr.

Houston, TX 77098

Click here to view the official Facebook event

Star of Hope is a Christ-centered community dedicated to meeting the needs of homeless men, women and their children. Positive life changes are encouraged through structured programs that focus on spiritual growth, education, employment, life management and recovery from substance abuse.

Founded by Anthony Sanchez in May 2015, The Car Culture has become a cornerstone of the Houston automotive scene. The Car Culture hosts bi-monthly car shows featuring 70+ exotic/supercars, great music, and family-friendly fun.

*The GoFundMe was created by The Car Culture as a place to receive donations which will be given to Star of Hope following the show on March 14th. This page was not created and is not managed by Star of Hope.

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