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Houston Car Show | Car Culture Invitational | March 2021

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We originally planned our first Car Culture Invitational event for February but due to inclement weather, we rescheduled to March 6, 2021. When March 6th came, it did not disappoint! We had perfect weather and were ready to put on an amazing car show at Sugar Land Town Square!


We take great pride in the inauguration of The Car Culture and we want to take this opportunity to share this with all of the automotive community. On May 9th, 2015, The Car Culture kicked off its first event at Sugar Land Town Square, Wheels for Adam, a charity that benefited the Buckles Family. The Buckles family had a ten-year-old son, Adam, who has Spina Bifida. On the night they moved into Houston, their van filled with medical supplies and other necessities was stolen. In addition, Adam's wheelchair was becoming too small for him and became increasingly difficult to use. Our goal was to raise $4,500 for the Buckles family. On the day of the meet, 32 cars were featured on the Sugar Land Plaza in Town Square, and hundreds showed up to support Adam and the Buckles family. The Car Culture raised $14,400 for the Buckles family, shattering our goal of $4,500. The event's impact got the attention of a local Chevrolet dealership who also donated a van for them. This is our beginning and we hope to continue spreading the charity and love of the automotive community here in Houston and beyond.



The Car Culture Invitational Car Show kicked off with our plaza cars arriving around 7:00-7:30 am. It was a great start to a beautiful Saturday morning seeing all these beautiful machines being put on display on the Sugar Land Town Square Plaza!

As the sun was coming up and slowly shining itself on the Sugar Land Town Square plaza on an immaculate Saturday morning, the plaza was starting to get full! We were so excited and ready for all the car enthusiasts to see the spectacle we have put on for them!



By 8 am sharp, The Car Culture Invitational in Sugar Land kicked off! As the crowd was pouring in and the spectators excited to view all the gorgeous machines the Car Culture had lined up!


As The Car Culture, we love hosting car shows that have the entire spectrum of the car world, from your hypers all the way to your classics. We want to make it a new and special experience every time people come out to our shows!

DEforce Racing INDYPRO-2000 Race Car

Driven by professional racecar driver Kory Ender and powered by Mercedes-Benz of Sugar Land, this race car is absolutely brutal. Designed by Tatuus Racing and powered by Mazda 2 liter engine producing an incredible 275 HP and 190 Ft. lbs of torque. The race car alone only weighs 1130 lbs which allows it to reach a top speed of 165 mph and a 0-60 in the sub 3s. Just like your traditional Indy Car, it is a single-seater and open-wheeled race car.

Veilside Fortune RX-7

This ain't your typical RX-7, If this doesn't give you the Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift throwback (besides the color of course) we don't know what will. Designed and styled by Veilside Co, LTD in Japan, this machine looks mean and ready to take on the road...sideways obviously.

Alfa Romeo GT Electric Prototype

Gorgeous from every angle, this Alfa Romeo GT Electric prototype was stealing photographers left and right! It has an entirely custom-built interior and a full EV Conversion kit. The be able to show this car off on the Sugar Land Plaza was an absolute privilege.

La Ferrari

We are seeing more automotive makers take EVs and hybrids more seriously, and while this is not an EV, it's one of the pivotal hybrid cars that made the world pay more attention to hybrids. Launched in 2015, the La Ferrari was Ferrari's first hybrid vehicle. It was their fastest production car until recently their new hybrid, the Ferrari SF90, took the crown for their fastest production car. But the La Ferrari was the first Ferrari that gave a new definition to the term hype car.



It has been a wild year so far and to be able to return to our old stomping grounds was an absolute privilege. This is where The Car Culture was born and to be able to return and share the love for cars again at the same place we started reminds us how grateful we are from our fans and spectators but also those who have been long-time patrons of The Car Culture. The Sugar Land Invitational had one of the greatest turnouts we've had in Sugar Land yet. It was incredible to see the number of fans and spectators walking through Sugar Land Town Square plaza enjoying the car show. We love the growth the car community has taken and we hope it continues down that same path! As for upcoming shows, we have another show back at Pearland Town Center, LIMITLESS on March 20th, 2021! Make sure to mark it on your calendar! We look forward to seeing all of you soon!

Your Fellow Car Enthusiast,

The Car Culture

Photos by: KraneDesigns | KNSCRY | Mischif Mayhem | Real Mike Doohan | SHAN | Shotsz By Millz | Washies World




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