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Houston Car Show | Car Culture Invitational | Feb 2022

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Sugar Land is one of our favorite venues to have a Car Show! Not just the history that we carry with Sugar Land and how we started, but rather the amount fans and spectators that come to this show! We carry a lot of pride in making The Car Culture Invitational the best it can be every time we arrive in Sugar Land Town Square.

Finally Back Home.

It has been 5 months since we have returned to our stomping grounds and we have truly been homesick. Coming to Sugar Land means a lot not only to us but our fans too! There is no better way to kick off the month of Love with our return for the first time in 2022 back where The Car Culture was born! There is nothing better than to wake up the City of Sugar Land with a large brew of high octane and lots of horsepowers!


By 8 am the entire Sugar Land plaza was overflowing with all kinds of exotic and beautiful machines! As spectators started rolling it was time to kick-off, The Car Culture February Invitational, Presented by Mercedes-Benz Sugar Land!

Presented by Mercedes Benz of Sugar Land

Mercedes-Benz of Sugar Land came out in force bringing a 2022 G wagon, an AMG GTS, and the all-new EQS! The EQS is Mercedes's newest vehicle to break into the EV race!


One of the biggest obstacles for new content creators is getting a fan base, especially when you have just started from the ground up. We, as The Car Culture, completely understand the amount of hard work a lot of these artists have to put in to make their work unique! For February we wanted to share the love with our fellow content creators and display their gorgeous work! For the first time, we are using up-and-coming content creator photographs in our blog and we are proud to display their works! Please give them a big round of applause for their hard work!

?: @knscry

?: @seafox.photography

?: @sameer.ptgy

?: @Mariojc4

?: @__floresphotography__

?: @HTown.V

?: Dennis Nguyen


Our lastest Merch Drop!

If you didn't get a chance to pick up something from our latest drop, no worries, we got you! We released Hoodies, Sweaters, and a new blend of really comfortable T-shirts! If you didn't have a chance to pick one up, head over to our shop and use promo code 'TCCINVI' at checkout and get free shipping on orders over $50! We could not have done this without our fans! Keep repping The Car Culture!

Unique Finds At The Car Culture Invitational Show

We absolutely love showcasing the best mix of muscle, imports, sports, and supercars. We pride ourselves on making sure there is always something cool or new to add to our shows! We diversify as much as possible but at the same time a few key rare finds really stand out during each event, emphasizing what Houston really has to offer!

4 Rotor RX7

Hiding in plain sight in our JDM/import section was a twin-turbo 4 Rotor RX7! The RX7 has an AWD drive train from a Lamborghini Gallardo. The car was a top 12 finalist in 2020 at the Battle of the Builders and was also featured at SEMA in 2019 and 2020. It was built by Todd Budde at Force Fed Fab and currently makes just under 1200whp at 26 PSI but Todd says the track tune will get it to around 1600 whp on 40 PSI! We hope to see this car again at The Car Culture!

Nissan R34 GTR Spec V II

This very R34 Skyline made its first appearance at our October 2020 Shifted show. Skylines are highly respected among all car enthusiasts but it doesn't get much better than an R34 Spec V! The owner brought along his other Skyline (R33) and the two parked next to one another. We look forward to seeing more of these are they are now becoming legal in the states again!

Rush SR

The Rush SR is Rush's entry-level car. It has a 1000cc engine and has a power-to-weight ratio of 375 Hp/MT. Rush says the performance is close to a GT-3 Cup Car! The chassis features a front and rear crash structure, a triple roll bar, composite side anti-intrusion panels and optional 2.5 lb. fire extinguisher, and a FRP or Carbon seat with a five-point harness.



?: @seafox.photography

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our February Invitational event presented by Mercedes Benz of Sugar Land! We look forward to seeing everyone at the next one!


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