2017 Houston Auto Show Recap!

The 2017 Houston Auto show featured many new cars for 2018, and some of our preexisting favorites from the past year. New or old, the cars featured at the Houston Auto show brought thousands of gear heads and everyday buyers out alike. The Auto Show is an opportunity for car companies to bring out many of their models to show off all in one place to make life easier for people looking at cars. It is also a an opportunity for car companies to showcase new models that are never before seen, and people in attendance get a first look before the new cars hit the roads. This is a brief recap of my favorite cars that I saw at the auto show.

Lincoln Continental

Believe it or not, the Lincoln Continental was the first car I looked at upon entering the Houston Auto Show. Lincoln is currently a struggling company. You do not see many Lincoln cars on the road these days. If Lincoln does not make an exciting car soon, they may not survive as a company. The Lincoln Continental is their answer. The Continental could be the car that saves Lincoln as a company. After sitting inside it, I noticed the sheer build quality of the interior. You would never know that this is a ford product as all the materials inside the car were tight and sturdy with a solid feeling. Real wood trim is notable as well. The leather seats were comfy as ever and moved in all directions. The sound system was top notch. Back seat room is endless as this is a long car. The Continental is also a beautiful car. And to sum it all up, it comes in around $70,000 for the fully loaded package. The Lincoln Continental is really a great car for the money and is the one great car Lincoln has released recently.

The Most Incredible Car Show I’ve Ever Been To!

I was given the opportunity to join the Hennessey team in going to Finali Mondiali. For those who don’t know what this is, Finali Mondiali stands for the Ferrari world finals pretty much. It has taken place in a number of different countries but this was the first time it took place in the United States! So it was a huge deal!… Sort of.

What I noticed right off the back about this event was there was hardly anyone there. If I had to guess, there were probably about 1000 spectators there.. max. And maybe 1000 more people there that were either media, Ferrari owners, and people that were apart of the Ferrari staff, thats it. But I get the feeling that’s how Ferrari wanted it.

The cars here we crazy. There were ferrari’s here that I had never even heard of. Cars like the 250 Monza and the 400 Superamerica. I was given the opportunity to get up close and personal with the owners and talk to them about these crazy machines. I think the craziest part for me was seeing 17 FXXK’s in all of their glory. Or maybe it was the line up of old V12 F1 cars. To be honest at the time it was all pretty overwhelming seeing these cars. One of the best parts though was being able to see Sebastian and Kimi get in their old V8 F1 cars from 2009 and drive them around the circuit, only to have them pit and do donuts right in front of me!


Definitely something I will never forget. So far this goes down as the most incredible event I have been too. Cannot wait to go back! Be sure to check out the video that I made of this event that features all of these things that I just talked about! Don’t forget to subscribe as well and leave a thumbs up!

What Toys Can You Bring on December 17th?

As all of you know, we are hosting our next meet on December 17th from 8-10am. This meet will also serve as a toy drive for Texas Children’s Hospital. Everyone planning to attend the meet is encouraged to bring a toy to donate. Here are a few guidelines regarding the type of toys you can bring. 15409564_1362763257081844_38784804_o

We are very excited to see the turnout and how many toys we can collect under the big christmas tree for the Texas Children’s Hospital Toy Drive! We hope to see you on December 17th!

How to register for our events!

Registration link for the next event is now open. Please allow us about a week to respond, as we have many cars to evaluate before we accept or deny yours. We also ask those that bring there car out to please bring a toy to donate, helping with our toy drive.

We did a thing..

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